Substantial Shareholders


The Company’s issued share capital consists of 1,646,691 Ordinary Shares, each share having one voting right. 37.81% of the voting Ordinary shares is not held in public hands.

Last updated 26th November 2020

The Company is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. Under the BVI Companies Act, shareholders are not obliged to disclose their interests in a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands in the same way as shareholders of certain public companies incorporated in the United Kingdom are required to do under the FCA’s Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules (“DTRs”). The Company’s Articles of Association incorporate certain provisions which require shareholders to disclose their interests to the Company in terms similar to the DTRs to ensure compliance with Rule 17 of the AIM Rules for Companies.



Interest in Ordinary Shares held

as at 26th November 2020

% of shares held
John Zorbas (CEO)504,23230.62%
Lexinter International Limited235,29414.29%
Captor Capital Corporation*118,5117.19%
Hargreaves Lansdown Asset Management Limited86,8985.28%
Interactive Investor Limited55,6883.38%
Halifax Share Dealing Limited53,507


Marelli Support Services Inc14,082


 Jay Viera (Director) 13,832


Kyle Appleby (Director)9,388



URU understands that Lexinter International Limited acquired its interest in 235,294 depositary interests, representing issued ordinary shares of the Company, on 13 May 2020 at a price of 85p per depositary interest (see the announcement made by the Company on 6 May 2020 for further information). 

 * John Zorbas has a beneficial interest in 7.19% of the share capital of the Company, indirectly through Captor Capital Corporation. John Zorbas exercises control over Captor Capital Corporation due to his position as Chief Executive Officer and his shareholding in Captor Capital Corporation.